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Whether you need Aerial Photography or an Aerial Disaster or Resource Survey,
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Helicopters Over Augusta provides fully customised aerial platforms to tailor to your needs, whatever they may be. From hand held stills, right up to Cinema quality High Definition footage, Helicopters Over Augusta have a solution for you. Our affiliates have a range of helicopters available in Augusta, Maine to match the requirements of the photographic equipment you wish to use. Whether it be the economical Robinson R44 with doors removed for hand held equipment or smaller Tyler Mounts, the Eurocopter EC120 with its roomy interior and ultra quiet noise signature, or the super stable four bladed Bell 407, our affiliate fleet can match any requirement and budget.

Helicopters Over Augusta only contracts pilots that are highly experienced in all aspects of aerial photography and filming in Augusta and surrounding areas. Our portfolio of work includes residential and commercial real estate photography, film and television production, disaster surveys, resource surveys, and media operations. We are happy to discuss any project you may want to undertake and our experience ensures you will get the right pilot with the right equipment for the right shot, the first time, at the best price.

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